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Carta de rescate C-16 Eurofighter

Weather Report AEMET

Parking Fuel Trucks

Área de estacionamiento de cubas de combustible en LEAS

Sunset Timing Gijon 2022 REV3

REV 3 changelog:

  • ZENAIR participant removed. No effect on other participants.

REV 2 changelog:

  • ZENAIR participant added.
  • F18 timing changed. Rest of timing revised. Please recheck your times.

REV 1 changelog:

  • CUCO added to the list of participants.
  • Timing changed, please check your times.


Timing Sunday Gijon 2022 REV4

REV 4 changelog:

  • BOMBEROS participants removed from timing. ***PLEASE CHECK YOUR TIMINGS***

REV 3 changelog:

  • CUCO ASTURIAS added to timing. No effect on the rest of the participants.

REV 2 Changelog:

  • HELIMER removed as a participant. Please recheck your display times on Sunday.

IOP Gijón 2022 REV4

REV 4 changelog:

  • CUCO ASTURIAS added to sunset and Sunday timing.
  • Minor changes to clarify.

REV 3 changelog:

  • INITIAL frequency added, 130.700MHz.
  • BEACH frequency changed to BOX frequency. Frequency changed to 119.500MHz.

REV 2 changelog:

  • HELIMER removed from participants and timing sheet.
  • Formación Quijote’s base changed from LEMR to LEAS.
  • Bomberos’ base changed from LEAS to LEMR.
  • CNP’s base changed from LEAS to LEMR.

REV 1 changelog:

  • Removed an inop phone number for LEAS TWR.
  • Procedures added to make sure every team calls LEAS TWR on 118.15 on display box exit.
  • Timing page updated.

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