Name: Carlos Cordova

Favourite sunglasses: Rayban

Total # of years as ATC: 22

Hobbies: Teaching new ATCs

Real job: Rota NAS chief ATC


Torre del Mar airshow’s «mini boss», Carlos is a well established air traffic controller within the Spanish Navy. Passionate about his job and the Navy, he is one of the best representative for it. Don’t be shocked if after five minutes talking to him you find yourself enrolled as seaman under the Spanish flag! In his spare time he is a civil ATC teacher, so he is a controller through and through!



Name: Adrián Espárraga

Favourite acroteam: Türk Yıldızları

Total transports arranged: 250+ 

Hobbies: Collecting Vespas

Real job: Chief Football Officer



Do not, and I repeat, do not offer him Pepsi… Hates the stuff! Go to guy when you need to get from A to B via C making a stop at D. He will make all the arrangements you need for yourself and your team so you won’t be late to the cocktail party (and the actual airshow :D). Málaga born and raised, he has been helping the team taking the whole load of transport coordination for himself – no small feat! His dad also helped us out all these years before becoming Warrant Officer of the Spanish Air Force (highest non-commissioned officer rank there is!).



Name: Antonio Hinojosa

Favourite band: AC/DC

Total words during display: 45,000 

Hobbies: Flying… what else is there?

Real job: Safekeeping gold bars


Avid paratrike pilot, he is the voice that thousands hear when pilots or teams fly in the box. He knows all your movements, all your tricks, and what are you going to do before you do it! Beware, he might have spies everywhere… Antonio knows about aerobatics way more than any of us and  he will convey that knowledge to the public. He is, simply put, the best speaker we all could have.



Name: Jorge Rodríguez

Favourite colour: Red

Total years with us: 10

Hobbies: Cooking. Some tapas for us please!

Real job: Rota NAS ATC


Your initial point of contact up in the air when approaching the box will be Jorge, the «mini boss». If he is not answering, he will be preparing some meals for the team! Gijón born and raised, he is proud of his hometown (he should be… amazing place!) and has helped us in Cádiz as well few years back. Always looking out for you guys in the sky, he loves the specific challenges and peculiarities of being an ATC in an airshow.


Name: Mayte Acal

Favourite film: Two mules for sister Sara

Total days at sea: 466

Hobbies: Telling Americans what to do

Real job: Naval ATC *mic drop*


The actual Air Boss of the airshows is neither of the directors, but her. You flying too low? She will tell you off. Too high? Bollocking incoming… Outside the box? Just fly far away and hide or you will not hear the end of it! Jokes aside, ALWAYS pay attention to her up there; on the ground, have a chat with Mayte as she is as knowledgeable as fun to talk to!



Name: Rubén Muñoz

Favourite drink: Coffee

Total flight hours: 300

Hobbies: Hobbies? No time!



No, Rubén is not Pablo’s son! We say legal liaison, but what we really mean is red tape master and commander, bureaucracy MVP and loophole exploitation chief. If he is not helping us with all legal involved with his lawyer-y skills, he is taking care of his clients or managing footballers. Oh, did I forget to tell you that he is an architect as well? Yeah, he has designed and built his own house. Plus he’s been since the beginning with Pablo so 60+ airshows he has helped to organise!



Name: Ierai Oquiñena

Favourite travel destination: Banff, Canada

Total aircraft types worked on: 17

Hobbies: Changing nappies (sic)

Real job: Fixing what pilots break!


Fresh out of airplane fixing school, Ierai attended as a volunteer the 2009 Vigo Airshow, where he realised he REALLY liked this! With 35+ airshows under his belt, you are more likely to see him running around putting out fires or answering all your questions when Pablo is busy. He is used to work under stress, so through at him whatever you need to!



Name: Gonzalo Valverde

Favourite film: Top Gun

Total parachute jumps: 1000

Hobbies: Ride my motorcycle

Real job: Retired ATC





Name: Pablo González

Favourite food: Ice cream

Total airshows as director: 60+

Hobbies: Ride his motorcycle

Real job: Communications and Marketing Director


Pilot and a valued member of the European Airshow Council (EAC), Pablo has an extremely successful career as display director. He started in his hometown, Vigo, back in 2004, and still going strong 20 years later. He has had the pleasure of organising airshows in Cádiz, Málaga, Torre del Mar, León, Murcia, Menorca, Gijón… but his pride is his team, carefully curated and never shy when asked to perform. With his 6ft4′, he is the tallest of us by a large margin!