Entradas de] Ierai Oquiñena


    Name: Carlos Cordova Favourite sunglasses: Rayban Total # of years as ATC: 22 Hobbies: Teaching new ATCs Real job: Rota NAS chief ATC   Torre del Mar airshow’s «mini boss», Carlos is a well established air traffic controller within the Spanish Navy. Passionate about his job and the Navy, he is one of the best […]


  Name: Adrián Espárraga Favourite acroteam: Türk Yıldızları Total transports arranged: 250+  Hobbies: Collecting Vespas Real job: Chief Football Officer     Do not, and I repeat, do not offer him Pepsi… Hates the stuff! Go to guy when you need to get from A to B via C making a stop at D. He will make all […]


  Name: Antonio Hinojosa Favourite band: AC/DC Total words during display: 45,000  Hobbies: Flying… what else is there? Real job: Safekeeping gold bars   Avid paratrike pilot, he is the voice that thousands hear when pilots or teams fly in the box. He knows all your movements, all your tricks, and what are you going to do before […]


  Name: Jorge Rodríguez Favourite colour: Red Total years with us: 10 Hobbies: Cooking. Some tapas for us please! Real job: Rota NAS ATC   Your initial point of contact up in the air when approaching the box will be Jorge, the «mini boss». If he is not answering, he will be preparing some meals for the […]


Name: Mayte Acal Favourite film: Two mules for sister Sara Total days at sea: 466 Hobbies: Telling Americans what to do Real job: Naval ATC *mic drop*   The actual Air Boss of the airshows is neither of the directors, but her. You flying too low? She will tell you off. Too high? Bollocking incoming… Outside […]


  Name: Rubén Muñoz Favourite drink: Coffee Total flight hours: 300 Hobbies: Hobbies? No time! Real job: CONFIDENTIAL   No, Rubén is not Pablo’s son! We say legal liaison, but what we really mean is red tape master and commander, bureaucracy MVP and loophole exploitation chief. If he is not helping us with all legal involved with […]


  Name: Ierai Oquiñena Favourite travel destination: Banff, Canada Total aircraft types worked on: 17 Hobbies: Changing nappies (sic) Real job: Fixing what pilots break!   Fresh out of airplane fixing school, Ierai attended as a volunteer the 2009 Vigo Airshow, where he realised he REALLY liked this! With 35+ airshows under his belt, you are more […]


  Name: Gonzalo Valverde Favourite film: Top Gun Total parachute jumps: 1000 Hobbies: Ride my motorcycle Real job: Retired ATC   METER INFO DE GONZALO AQUÍ


  Name: Pablo González Favourite food: Ice cream Total airshows as director: 60+ Hobbies: Ride his motorcycle Real job: Communications and Marketing Director   Pilot and a valued member of the European Airshow Council (EAC), Pablo has an extremely successful career as display director. He started in his hometown, Vigo, back in 2004, and still […]